Apply for BlueEarth Renewables Scholarship Program

The BlueEarth Renewables scholarship program is a scholarship program that seeks to award indigenous students with the aid to develop their skills and knowledge in the renewable energy sector. This scholarship is an indigenous-based one that focuses on helping underreached students in various communities.

BlueEarth Renewables Scholarship

The BlueEarth Renewables scholarship is a program focused on building intelligent students in the renewable energy field. According to, this scholarship is awarded based on one’s financial needs, academic excellence, and involvement in community service.

The BlueEarth renewables scholarship is explicitly designed to support and inspire future leaders and professionals who ideally have the power to impact change in the world. The scholarship recognizes students who showcase a strong level of commitment to give back to their respective communities.

Scholarship Summary

Host Institution: Any accredited Canadian or United States trades, technical school, college, or university.

Scholarship Value: $3,000

Application Deadline: September 15th, 2023

Eligibility Criteria For BlueEarth Renewables Scholarship Program

There are eligibility criteria for the BlueEarth Renewables scholarship program. They include;

• An applicant must be a resident of Canada or the United States. 

• An applicant must be a member of an Aboriginal community (band or settlement), including First Nations, Metis, and Inuit, and have proof of Aboriginal Status.

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Note that this is specifically for applicants for indigenous scholarships.

• An applicant must have enrolled in a renewable energy trade program focusing significantly on wind, hydro, or solar energy.

Note that this scholarship is targeted at supporting students interested in renewable energy trades.

Benefits of The BlueEarth Renewables Scholarship Program

There are some benefits associated with the BlueEarth Renewables scholarship program. A recipient is open to the following benefits: They include;

• Access to a scholarship value of $3,000.

• Developing numerous skills with attention to the renewable energy sector.

• Ability to derive knowledge on various topics on renewable energy.

• Participating in diverse renewable energy trades program.

• Access to different opportunities in the renewable energy sector.

How To Apply For BlueEarth Renewables Scholarship Program

To apply for the BlueEarth Renewables scholarship, one must provide certain documents. They include a letter of recommendation, proof of Aboriginal status (indigenous peoples scholarship applicants only), and unofficial transcripts for a most recent academic program (considerably, one completed in the last five years).

Once you have made these documents available, visit, click on the option to apply for the scholarship program, and begin the process.

You will be provided with a form which you will complete with your details, and after that, you will decide on the specific scholarship of your choice.

Later, you will be requested to provide your educational history, attach your transcript, and also your volunteer experience or community involvement.

One must submit an 1800-word maximum essay describing how the scholarship will benefit them financially. Furthermore, references and a letter of recommendation would be required with their details.

To finalize the process, you must agree to the “Privacy Notice and Consent” and submit your application. 

Application Review Process

A selection committee reviews the applications for the BlueEarth Renewables Scholarship program. They decide on awarding this scholarship based on financial needs, community involvement, academic merit, and the intention to pursue studies that could transfer to environmental stewardship. Also, the nearness of the locations where one lives, works and operates.

BlueEarth Renewables Scholarship is focused on helping indigenous and other students in financial need of help. The scholarship is poised to help those interested in the renewable energy sector with information and skills. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.


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