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Marshall Scholarship is awarded to young, brilliant, and talented Americans looking to study. This scholarship is designed for those students interested in pursuing their degree program in the United Kingdom. 

Marshall Scholarship

Marshall Scholarship is a program that rewards hard work by providing these financial benefits. According to, diverse intellectually gifted students have been reached and awarded through this support.

Objectives of The Marshall Scholarship

There are specific objectives of the Marshall Scholarship. They include;

• To help scholars gain an understanding as well as appreciate contemporary Britain.

• Motivating scholars to act as ambassadors from the USA to the UK and vice versa, thus strengthening the ties between British and America.

• To provide excellent young Americans with the privilege of studying in the UK.

• To actively contribute to advancing knowledge in science, technology, the humanities, social sciences, and the creative arts at various centres.

Scholarship Summary

Host Institution: Uk-based universities.

Type: Degree Programs.

Field of Study: Offered courses at the various partnering universities.

Scholarship Value: varies.

Eligibility Criteria of The Marshall Scholarship 

Below are the eligibility criteria for the Marshall Scholarship.

• An applicant must be a US citizen.

• An applicant must be willing to study at a UK-based university.

• An applicant must hold a cumulative GPA of 3.7.

• An applicant must be a graduating senior or have graduated within the past two years.

• An applicant must portray some qualities in terms of leadership and commitment.

Benefits of The Marshall Scholarship

There are numerous benefits associated with being awarded the Marshall Scholarship. They include;

• The Marshall Scholarship provides two years of study at any university in the UK.

• An individual is allowed to gain access to over 50+ awards issued yearly through the Marshall Scholarship.

• The scholarship can cover tuition, books, travel, and a living stipend for a recipient. 


The Marshall Scholarship is offered at numerous universities in the UK. One must ensure their preferred study centre is among those offering the scholarship. Visit to get a list of universities where the scholarship is available.

How To Apply For Marshall Scholarship

Before an individual is awarded either Marshall Scholarship, their academic merit, leadership, and ambassador potential would be well considered.

An individual must be willing to study at any UK university where the Marshall scholarship is available. One must determine the list of institutions offering this scholarship before applying.

Also, one must ensure they meet the eligibility criteria of the scholarship.

To apply for Marshall Scholarship, visit

Selection Criteria

The process of appointing scholars requires the selectors to search for candidates with the potential to excel and contribute to improving UK-US understanding.

The primary assessment would be based on academic merit, leadership, and ambassador potential. Candidates that portray a sense of contribution to society would be of higher advantage.

An individual’s motivation and purpose, which includes the presentation of an academic program, would be considered.

Deadline Date

• Intent to apply survey form date: 1st August 2023 via

• Endorsement applications due: 10th August 2023 his CARAT

• Endorsement committee meeting: 7th September 2023

• National deadline: TBA

• Interviews begin: TBA, Mid-November

Marshall Scholarship is a scholarship that intends to recognize and award exceptional students looking to study in the UK. The scholarship is designed to strengthen the relationship between the British and American people. Ensure to read the various rules and other materials on the Marshall Scholarship website to know more about the scholarship. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.


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