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Bright and exceptional Canadian students are eligible to apply for the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship. The scholarship program helps build students into future leaders while providing them access to higher education.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

The Canadian government established the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship Fund in honor of George Philias Vanier, a famous soldier and diplomat. This scholarship created in his honor is designed to help students actualize their dreams of studying in Canada.

Purpose of The Scholarship

This scholarship aims to recognize and build those individuals that demonstrate leadership qualities. According to, those with educational accomplishments in the social sciences, engineering, humanities, natural sciences, and health-related sectors are the primary target audience.

 Benefits of the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

There are many benefits available to recipients of the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship. These benefits include:

• A recipient is awarded a $50,000 grant on an annual basis for three years.

• A scholarship recipient can stand a chance to pursue a Ph.D. in their preferred institution in Canada.

• The degree to which a recipient’s studies are sponsored depends on their research proposal, accomplishments, and leadership abilities.

 Requirements for the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship has eligibility criteria that applicants must fulfill. These eligibility criteria include; 

• A candidate must be a Canadian national or an international student in Canadian academic programs.

• A candidate must be enrolled full-time in a Canadian Ph.D. program.

• The university an applicant attends must receive one of the Vanier CGS university quotas and nominate them.

• A candidate cannot receive scholarships or financial aid from another program.

• A first-class average over the previous two years of study is required of applicants.

• A candidate pursuing a professional degree is qualified.

• A significant amount of research must be included in an applicant’s research proposal.

• A candidate cannot be enrolled in a faculty at a school that has a Vanier quota. (For Ph.D. candidates).

• An applicant must be a full-time student, but if with a disability, they can be a part-time student.

• Employees of the Canadian federal government are eligible if they are on unpaid leave.

• Both the Vanier and any other agency-specific Ph.D. scholarships are open to eligible candidates. But one can only pick one when offered both.

 How to Apply for a Graduate Scholarship from Vanier Canada

• Direct applications for the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship are not accepted.

• They must submit an application to a school with a Vanier CGS quota.

• The institution must nominate a candidate for the Vanier Scholarship.

• Before the internal submission deadlines, the applications must be submitted.

• The leading institute sends the nominees to the Vanier CGS program before the deadline.

Application Procedure for Graduate Scholarships from Vanier Canada

• Through, applicants must begin the application process by exploring Canadian universities.

• A candidate must ensure their desired university has the Vanier CGS quota.

• Once done, an applicant must research for the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship on and fill out an application.

• An applicant can pick either English or French as the application language.

• An applicant needs to adhere to the standards for attaching the documents.

• Complete all mandatory tasks and submit them.

• The activity log will finish the task after applying to the nominating institute.

• A revised date will be provided if the institution returns your application to Research Net. You can edit and submit it again.

• You will be notified through email once your application has been accepted, and Research Net will also send you an acknowledgment.

• To find out the status of your application, if you don’t get an email, contact the organization.

Documents Needed For The Vanier CGS

To be eligible to apply for the scholarship, a candidate needs to have the following documents. The documents include;

• A application form.

• A CV/Resume.

• A description of your leadership qualities in a personal statement.

• A maximum of two pages long research proposal.

• Two character references.

• A page-long scholarly contribution.

• Two character references for leadership.

• Preference for a project with five pages (maximum)

• Diplomas, transcripts, and other academic qualifications.

• (Part-time Students) Documentation of exceptional circumstances


The scheduled deadline for the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship is on the 1st of November, 2023. Applicants must ensure to confirm the institution’s internal deadline to request for nomination from their preferred institution of study.

One of the top scholarship programs for students looking for funding to study in Canada is the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship. An individual must confirm that their preferred institution receives the Vanier CGS universities quota and nominates them for the scholarship. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.


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