London South Bank University Scholarship For International Students

The London South Bank University (LSBU) scholarship is a scholarship fund that provides financial aid for students looking to pursue their postgraduate studies. The scholarship seeks to support individuals who intend to advance in their careers and reach their full potential.

London South Bank University Scholarship

The London South Bank University is a scholarship program that awards students needing financial support. The scholarship is targeted at ensuring the financial needs of students are handled. International students are usually faced with financial issues, and this necessitated the need for its establishment.

Scholarship Summary

Host Institution: The London South Bank University 

Country: United Kingdom 

Eligible Field of Study: Courses offered at the university.

Scholarship Value: £3,000

Application Deadline: 30th June 2023 for September/October 2023

                                      30th November 2023 for January/February 2024

Eligibility Criteria

Below are the eligibility criteria for applicants applying for the London South Bank University Scholarship.

• An applicant must have an offer to study any of the offered postgraduate programs at LSBU

• An applicant must showcase academic excellence (the qualifications obtained outside the United Kingdom will be adequately accessed through the usage of Enic-Naric).

• An applicant must be classified as an international student for fee-payment purposes.

• An applicant must present evidence of commitment (this would reveal their commitment to their future career, including a practical or academic achievement).

• An applicant must have achieved the scholarship’s academic requirements. According to the terms and conditions here.

An individual must fulfil the above-listed criteria to be eligible for this scholarship.


The London South Bank University (LSBU) scholarship is a fund that helps international students willing to undertake their respective postgraduate studies. The primary benefit of this scholarship is the worth of £3,000, which is offered to the recipient.

How To Apply

The London South Bank University (LSBU) postgraduate scholarship is a support fund available to students from various parts of the world. 

One must gain admission into the London South Bank University to apply for this scholarship. Once you have accepted the conditional or unconditional offer to study at LSBU, you can apply for the scholarship through their email.

Interested students looking to take up this scholarship opportunity are advised to apply for admission to study at London South Bank University earlier to hasten the process of receiving an offer. 

Also, it would help to provide one with enough time to complete their scholarship application process. 

Visit for more information on the scholarship offered at the institution. 

Other scholarship programs at the London South Bank University 

An individual is open to applying for other London South Bank University scholarship programs. Below are some other scholarships available at the London South Bank University.

• LSBU Loyalty Award

The LSBU Loyalty Award is focused on reducing the burden of additional tuition fees. Due to this award, eligible undergraduates and alumni receive a discount on their postgraduate tuition fees.

• Sports Scholarship

Led by LSBU Active Academy of Sports, this scholarship seeks to support talented men and women. Recipients are open to receiving financial support to help them balance their academic and sustaining life.

• Aziz Foundation Scholarship

Being a British Muslim gives you a chance to benefit from the Aziz Foundation Scholarship through the London South Bank University. This scholarship is offered to students to influence their society positively; it’s a 100% tuition fee master’s scholarship.

London South Bank University has numerous scholarship programs for international students looking to compete for their degree programs. One can take advantage and apply for either of these scholarships made available. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.


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