The University of Waterloo Scholarship

International students studying in Canada may apply for the University of Waterloo scholarship. The scholarship, valued at $10,000, is awarded to students to support them in accessing higher education. It is a full-time program available to students worldwide who intend to study at the University of Waterloo.

The University of Waterloo Scholarship

The University of Waterloo scholarship is currently awarding scholarships to undergraduate and Ph.D. students based on merit. 


The University of Waterloo awards excellent students with the David Johnston-Lebovic Foundation International Experience Awards. This is awarded to Canadian and international students to support their educational pursuits.

In accordance with their award allotment, faculties will nominate eligible students. Then the students will be selected on account of their academic performance.

Scholarship Summary

Funding type: Full-Time

Region: Canada

The University of Waterloo is the venue institution.

Study Levels: Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral

Deadline: Undergraduate deadlines are April 15, July 15, and November 15, 2023.

Masters and Ph.D. – Visit to determine the specific deadline

Scholarship Coverage

The advantages offered to the University of Waterloo scholarship recipients are listed below.

• For a one-term study experience, the David Johnston-Lebovic Foundation International Experience Awards are worth $2,000., $2,500 – $5,000 for one-term work experience, and up to $10,000 for two-term work experience. 

• International Master’s Award of Excellence, with a maximum value of $6 periods at $2,500 each.

Criteria for the University of Waterloo Scholarship Eligibility

The requirements for the University of Waterloo scholarship are shown below.

• A candidate must have a solid academic record (75% average for graduate level and 70% for undergraduate level).

• An international student applicant must pay full-time international tuition expenses and be enrolled full-time.

• A candidate must satisfy the faculty-established standards for academic achievement.

• An applicant must not receive any foreign or agency sponsorship.

• An applicant pursuing a research-based program has an advantage.

• A candidate cannot still owe any probationary admission criteria.

• An applicant must meet the eligibility criteria of their respective faculty to be selected.

It should be noted that a student’s application for admission automatically qualifies them for this reward. However, departments and/or faculties will be responsible for the internal process involved in selecting recipients. So students need to check and understand the requirements of their department and faculty.

For the University of Waterloo Scholarship, you’ll Need These Documents.

The necessary paperwork for the University of Waterloo scholarship is listed below. Since an individual must first gain admission into the institution, they must present the documents below.

• Proof of English ability.

• Personal statement referring to the application form.

• Duely completed admission application form.

How to Apply for a Scholarship at the University of Waterloo

An individual who intends to benefit from or apply for the University of Waterloo scholarship must gain admission. Once you apply for admission, you are automatically considered for their list of awards.  

• An individual would need to apply for any undergraduate or graduate program. One can visit or and then access their application on

• A personal statement that refers to the application form is required. All applicants must meet their entrance standards, which include providing proof of their proficiency in the English language.

Note that you can visit the official website of the University of Waterloo to access more information on their scholarship program. Visit and search for the specific scholarship to get more information.

The University of Waterloo provides a great way of studying for a degree at the university and equally benefiting from a scholarship. One can consider this scholarship opportunity and apply before the scheduled deadline. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.


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